Cheap Locksmith Prices Near Me

“I need a cheap locksmith near me” is the mottos of a few people, who are not in possession of the latest model car models. When a friend asked me to give him a lock repaired, I always opted to give him a branded one. The friend never got a new car because he got trapped into paying for an old one. This was his second experience with a local locksmith. I decided to help him out and get the cheapest locksmith near me.

I made online research about the most suitable locksmith near me. I found a number of companies that offered cheap locksmith prices. Some of them required upfront fees while others did not. After studying the price quotes provided by the companies, I zeroed in on a local locksmith that was offering the most competitive prices. He charged just $20 for repairing my lock.

The locksmith charged that much because he was offering mobile locksmith services. I had brought my car to a local garage a couple of days earlier to get the car locked. I called the high-quality locksmith services to unlock the car. The company representative came over and told me that the lock was already damaged and needed a new one. I informed him that I was free to go, but if he wanted to take me urgently he could have the locksmith replace the old one at no extra cost. The locksmith agreed to replace the lock and left me to return home.

A few hours later, I got a call from the locksmith I had contacted earlier. He informed me that he would be able to come to my place the next day at a very affordable cost. I thanked him and turned to look at my damaged car again. I realized that the locksmith I had dealt with was not the same cheap locksmith near me.

I informed him about the problem and he just laughed. He then proceeded to tell me about the latest in his company’s technology that enables him to offer cheap locksmith prices to his customers. He showed me a transponder keypad that using radiofrequency to lock and unlock cars. When the key is removed, it automatically releases the latch instead of pulling it back like the conventional doorknob. This enabled him to use a new model of keypad which took only a few seconds to process before locking and unlocking the car.

He also offered to send a free price estimate via email. I asked him if he could give me a sample of the software he used on the new transponder keypad so that I could check it out. He readily agreed and provided me with a thumb drive with the software and an activation code.

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